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If you'd like to listen to our healing services live by phone on either Sunday or Wednesday email us at: christianscienceogden@gmail.com

or call: 801-394-2432, and we’ll give you the call-in information.

​You can also listen to The Mother Church's healing Sunday service at: Church Service Broadcast during the entire week following the live Sunday morning broadcast at 10 am.



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The Mother Church

We’re a branch of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Christian Science church is founded on God's absolute love for all and the healing principles and laws (or Science) behind what Jesus practiced and Mary Baker Eddy discovered.

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We're a community of individuals striving to practice these healing principles and, in doing so, we experience healing in our lives in regard to relationships, employment, supply, physical problems, character reformation, etc.

Our church participates annually in a local BOY SCOUT

10 Commandment Hike. 

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Cristian Science in Northern Utah



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